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Zombie Wonderland is Top 10 on the iTunes Store!

After just a week from being released, Zombie Wonderland has jumped to the top ten most popular paid apps on the Apple iTunes Store!  

Zombie Wonderland is Now Available for iPhone!

Zombie Cleaners Wanted!

After a long wait, it’s finally here!  Xoobis is proud to announce the arrival of our first game, Zombie Wonderland, to the Apple iTunes Store!

Zombie Wonderland got a new soundtrack!

We just got the good guys from Sound Reel, all the way from Finland, to create our soundtrack.

They are the talent behind the amazing soundtrack from Minigore.

We wanted a whimsical orchestral score behind Zombie Wonderland. And we got it!

Zombie Wonderland an iPhone and iPod Touch Game

Zombie Wonderland is a survival horror game, without the horror. It’s a time management game, with some slack. We are having fun here, you know?